Various Artists (D. Charles, G. Spearman, W. Morris, J. Jarman, P. Brötzmann, J. Tchicai, Sun Ra, In Order To Survive, Other Dimensions In Music, and more…

Inside Out In The Open - an expressionist journey into the music known as free jazz
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Greg Cohen / Anthony Coleman / Mark Feldman / Erik Friedlander / Marc Ribot / Min Xiao-Fen -- Music By John Zorn

The Port Of Last Resort (A Film By Joan Grossman And Paul Rosdy, Music: John Zorn)
cena: €29.00

Hans Koch / Martin Schütz / Fredy Studer

A Film By Peter Leicht: Hardcore Chambermusic A Club For 30 Days
cena: €22.97

Maria Schneider & The Norwegian Wind Ensemble Feat. Arve Henriksen (Trumpet)

Sketches Of Spain / One Night At The Opera (Live At The Oslo Opera House, 2008)

Nicolas Simion Group (P. Wojtasik, N. Scholly, F. Weber, S. Boisseau, A. Jones)

Transylvanian Grooves / Live At International Jazz Festival Viersen Germany
cena: €12.53

Radio.String.Quartet.Vienna (B. Mallinger, J. Dickbauer, C. Liao, A. Valcic)

Celebrating The Mahavishnu Orchestra (Live At Traumzeit Festival)
cena: €21.58

Various Artists

Dvd + Catalogue 2012
cena: €11.60