Jacek Pelc Band (M. Sikała, B. Hadała, M. Rolli)

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On The Road

Double foldable CD digipack with 8 pages booklet inside
1. Gibraltar (07:16)                   
2. Corso Umberto I (11:32)                   
3. Looks Like Disco (05:57)
4. Zabrońcie Kwitnąć Kwiatom (05:53) dedicated to the memory of Jarek Śmietana
5. Cadiz (09:31)                   
6. Sagres (10:11)
7. Three Bookings (08:56)
Total Time 59:28
All compositions by Jacek Pelc, except „Zabrońcie Kwitnąć Kwiatom” by Andrzej Zieliński
JPR 006 produced by Tandem
Jacek Pelc and his bands are available for club and festival stages, live concerts, music workshops, clinics.
For booking please contact mailbox: jacekpelc@wp.pl or telephone: +48 501 037827                                                  
For more informations please click https://www.youtube.com/user/jacekpelc
Jacek Pelc is a Polish jazz/fusion drummer, composer, arranger, conceptualist, sideman and leader. As a drummer he has been very sensitive to different sounds and colours in music and his drumming has always displayed a perfect mix of virtuosity and great taste.
He runs a variety of different projects ranging from a GuDrumBa Duet to arrangements written for a big band or chamber orchestra.
Throughout his career he collaborated with some well known bands (Extra Ball, Symphonic Sound Orchestra, Czech – Polish Big Band, Polish Jazz Stars, Sounds), and with many respected musicians such as: Jarek Śmietana, Jan “Ptaszyn” Wróblewski, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Milan Svoboda, Tomasz Szukalski, Henryk Miśkiewicz, Leszek Kułakowski, Krzesimir Dębski, Janusz Muniak, David Friedman, Ed Schuller, Eddie Henderson, Pete Lockett, Karen Edwards, and many others.
Moreover, many of his written reviews, articles was published by some famous Polish music press magazines such as Jazz Forum, Gitara i Bas, Top Drummer, Perkusista, Gitarzysta.
Many of his various artistic appearances can be found here.
“On The Road” is a Polish / Italian fusion jazz project.
Musicians: Jacek Pelc – drums, Maurizio Rolli – bass, Maciej Sikala – tenor, and soprano saxophones, and Bartosz Hadala – piano, keyboard.
Music is composed by Jacek Pelc, and Maurizio Rolli.
A wide variety of swinging rhythms, colours, moods, melodies, and sounds are delivered to the listeners during highly acclaimed concerts of the Band. All musicians are virtuosos of their instruments, and the music is full of interaction, and excellent improvisations.
A live recorded CD “Jacek Pelc Band On The Road” was released March 2016, and received best possible reviews by Polish music press
Jazz Forum Magazine April / May 2016 edition – five stars review by Skip Hadden
I am very impressed by the compositional aspect of the work of Jacek Pelc. I know him to be an excellent musician / drummer but this recording has led me to believe in his other talent as a composer as well. His work here with other extraordinary players, I’m sure, has allowed him to be able to bring his work to this higher level but… still there was something strong to build on. All of the compositions on this recording except “Zabrońcie Kwitnąć Kwiatom,“ which is by Andrzej Zielinski. Allow me to explain further…
  Jacek Pelc, master musician/drummer/composer, takes the listener, “On The Road,” with this latest recording. Mr. Pelc in the company of other masters of their instruments, pianist Bartosz Hadala, bassist Maurizio Rolli and saxophonist Maciej Sikala. We are treated to not only a live performance of unusual force and conviction but also a treat of musical cinemagraphic snapshots of several elegant cities of historic value and honoring the core rhythms of jazz in the process.
  The opening composition, “Gibraltar” takes us to the tip of the European continent driven by the inspired Second Line rhythms of New Orleans drummer, Vernel Fornier, remeniscent of Ahmed Jamal’s“Poinciana.” Here he echoes the historic depth of both cultures grounded by the “Rock.”
  Traveling a bit further east on our journey through the Mediterrean, Pelc takes us to “Corso Umberto,” The main street of Taormina, Sicily, Italy, pointing out all of the vibrant and colorful aspects of this ancient city. The rhythmic nod to Zigaboo Modeliste, drummer of the Meters, is but a starting point to lift us from the past to the present.
  The next city on our journey takes us further west and north to Cadiz, Spain. Here the power evoked by the drum intro sparks more solo drum work lifting the melody and supporting the other soloists to great effect. Pelc plays all of the right sounds and textures to bring the light and colors layed down by Hadala and Rolli for us to see and feel.
  The last visit on our path leads us to the southern Algarve of Portugal, to Sagres, the city of the Portguese Age of Discovery. A return to the roots of New Orleans rhythms here launches this compelling performance of the trio with strong solos and interplay by pianist, Hadala and bassist, Rolli before returning to the melody once again, this time with Silkala on soprano sax not on tenor as in the opening.
  “Zabrońcie Kwitnąć Kwiatom,“a performance to honor our fellow jazz brother, guitarist, Jarek Smietana, who passed in September of 2013, is a sensitive heartfelt tribute to someone who was loved by all involved in this musical community.
  The remaining two offerings, “Looks Like Disco,” and “Three Bookings,” a vibrant 6/4 groove, while not a part of the “Road “series above depict musical statements displaying how these masters can join together so strongly and produce musical moments worthy of presenting to our ears…Besides being great players, they are GREAT Listeners!!! and as Pelc points out in the liner notes they possess “BIG EARS.”
Adam Baruch - The Soundtrack Of My Life (Jacek Pelc – “On The Road”)
This is a wonderful live album by Polish Jazz / Fusion drummer / composer / bandleader Jacek Pelc, recorded in a quartet setting with saxophonist Maciej Sikala, keyboardist Bartosz Hadala (resident in Canada) and Italian bassist Maurizio Rolli. The album presents seven tracks, six of which are original compositions by Pelc and one is an arrangement of a famous Pop song by the group Skaldowie, dedicated to the memory of the great Polish guitarist / composer Jaroslaw Smietana, with whom Pelc played for many years.
The music is a mixture of mainstream Jazz and Funk / Groove, with excellent melody lines and superb rhythmic approach. As such it is easily accessible to a wide range of Jazz and Fusion listeners, who enjoy sophisticated individual contributions by the band members, which are the highlight of this album.
All four instrumentalists really play their hearts out, each contributing several outstanding solos and the quartet performs like a well oiled reliable mechanism, which never fails. Rolli is the great surprise on this album, as his virtuosic performances are simply breathtaking both when he plays his wonderfully structured solos and when he amicably accompanies his fellow band members. His electric bass performances are among the finest one can find anywhere on record in recent years. Pelc also does a great job behind the drums, playing very intensively but at the same time not overriding the other band members. He is one of the most melodic / musical drummers on the Polish Jazz scene, something I recently had an opportunity to witness in person.
Overall this is an honest, extremely well played Jazz / Funk album, which is a great fun to listen to, and which will hopefully reach many fans of the genre around the world, as it truly deserves. It proves that the veteran Polish Jazz scene is still alive and kicking, contrary to the general media trend, which often tends to overlook or plainly forget these wonderful musicians. Fans of virtuosic electric bass playing and students of the instrument simply must grab a copy of this album to
realize what this instrument can do in the right hands. Well done! (more)

Magazyn Perkusista edycja Marzec 2016 – CD of the Month
„…. Pod kątem twórczym materiał muzyczny płyty jest na poziomie nie do przeskoczenia dla 98% współczesnych polskich bębniarzy. W czasach, gdy ambicja perkusistów ogranicza się do prób naśladowania swoich idoli, mamy tu perkusyjnego indywidualistę-twórcę. Jak on śmie?!...”
Piotr Iwicki (Polskie Radio)
„…Najnowsze płyty (…) i Jacka Pelca to pochwała poszukiwania piękna w obrębie tego co uznajemy za kanon gatunku (…) No i w tym wszystkim zjawiskowa gra Pelca (…) To magia, którą potrafią wykrzesać jazzmani „nakręceni” znakomitym i spontanicznym odbiorem słuchaczy, to istota jazzu (…) Jakaś ponadzmysłowa więź słuchacz – twórca (…) Ta muzyka ma wspaniały puls, płynie wartko jak strumień (…)”